Places of Pilgrimage was a show devised completely from the minds of the cast with the help of award winning writer and theater practitioner Heather Raffo. To create a more intimate connection with the audience, people were encouraged to record their own personal journeys in response to the show. The hardest part was figuring out how to showcase these stories without violating the privacy of our audience.


   The light bulb became an important part of the final product and an inspiration for all involved. In the words of our lighting designer, Robert Edmondson Jr., “Everyone has an inner light and bringing that light to reality became an imperative of mine throughout the course of this show. Therefore each member of the cast and crew had a specific bulb to signify their journey through life.”


   Following the daily recordings, a voice print was lifted from each section of new stories.

Places of Pilgrimage Installation

In these samples, frequency is graphed vertically while time is shown horizontally. The bottom is 20hz while the top represents 20kHz

Sample Voice Prints

The brighter the wave, the more prominent the frequency. With these snapshots it is easy to see the fundamental and overtones in an individual's voice.

To more clearly illustrate this idea, here is a video of Ravel's Bolero being run through the same process. Ravel wrote this piece as a demonstration of the overtone series and how they could be illustrated acoustically.

Since light bulbs proved to be one of the most aesthetically important elements in the show, I realized that they must be incorporated to accurately capture the show’s essence.

Photo Credit: Paola Nogueras

Lighting Design: Robert Edmonson, Jr.

This light bulb made up of hundreds of voice patterns is the final product from all of the recordings